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Kabul Citizens Live in Fear: Residents

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2014)


Anti-government armed militant group’s recent insurgency activities have concerned the people in Kabul city to accuse the National Unity Government for being too reckless.

A number of Kabul citizens interviewed by Ariana News correspondent said that they were hoping for a better and secure future after the formation of new government; but unfortunately it is getting worse day by day.

A resident of the Kabul City, Bashir Ahmad said,” though there are a lot of Police check posts, but the enemies are able to reach to the heart of the city and perform their coordinated attacks.”

Security situation is very bad, everywhere you heard the sound of explosion and suicide attacks, people are really concerned, Fardin another resident of the City Said.

On the other hand Afghan Members of Parliament (MPs) accuse intelligence forces for being too neglectful which resulted to let the insurgents increase their barbaric activities.

Chief of Security Committee of Afghan Parliament, Mirdad Khan Nejrabi summarized the main motives behind the recent insecurities as follows, weakness in intelligence institutions, releasing terrorists from the jails, failure to follow cases of Taliban prisoner, and existence of corruption in judiciary system.

Ministry of Interior (MoI) Spokesman, Sediq Sediqy during a press conference said, Afghan Police Forces are struggling seriously to insure the security of Afghan citizens and asked all citizens to cooperate and support security forces to identify terrorists in any cloths.

These concerns come after the security is getting worse day by day in all over the country including the capital Kabul.

Now security is a big challenge tackling the Afghan Security Forces to prove their efficiency after Coalition Forces withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

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