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Kabul Residents Accused Traffic Police For Bribery

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2017)

134027144_14251714913711nKabul residents claim against corrupted traffic and the huge jam in the city.

The residents say; due to the situation, they have to wait for long hours to make their ways back home.

“I was a driver in Cinema Pamir and I was driving a Mercedes to stay away from headaches being caused by police officers and traffics, I had to pay 700 AFS in bribe.” said Wahid, a local driver.

A Kabul resident while speaking with Ariana reporter blames traffic for the current disorders and said, “We are getting out of our home early around 5:30 am, but we can’t make to our regular duties even up to 8:00 am. These all problems are being created by Kabul traffic.”

The ‘Shamali’ square is one of the main crossroads in Kabul connects 9 provinces to Kabul. The square is often stuck with heavy traffic which has been caused by four lines of standing cars.

“Traffics here are trying to create problems to make some money back, even if they could not find any problem with our documents, they are telling us that you our machines have got problems.” said Abdullah, another local driver.

While a huge number of people take on the city with their private taxis every morning, the Kabul traffic have not any exact number of these amateur drivers.

“We argue Kabul residents to inform us about corrupted police officers to hold them accountable.” said Sayed Mahbob Sadat, Kabul Terrafic Chief.

However; not only drivers in Kabul claim about corrupted traffic police officers, but a number of street sellers are claiming against the same issue.

Reported by: Elaha Omari

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