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Kabul Police Thwart Suicide Attack in Capital

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2015)

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Afghan security forces in Kabul have arrested a suicide bomber before he was able to blow himself up in a crowded place of the capital, Kabul chief of police 

Abdul Rahman Rahimi, Kabul chief of police said that a would-be suicide bomber was arrested and a Totyota Corolla Veicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) was confiscated by the Kabul police in one of the entrance gates of the capital.

The attempted attack in Kabul is the second time in one week that suicide bombers have arrested by security forces.

Suicide bombings and other high-profile attacks in Afghanistan’s capital city doubled in recent months as Taliban militants shifted tactics in an effort to sow discord in Kabul and undermine confidence in the country’s new government.

Coalition commanders attribute the nationwide decline in attacks to Afghan security forces successfully taking the lead in providing security to most of the country. The forces have been able to hold their ground despite continued pressure from the Taliban on soldiers and police in a number of towns and villages.

The high profile attacks in the capital — many of them suicide bombings targeting civilians — are a low-risk way for militants to garner headlines and undermine confidence in Afghan’s security forces.

Still, the increased violence in Kabul, where there have been nearly daily attacks recently, is fueling a sense of unease among local residents.




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