Kabul police officials detain 3 individuals stealing cars

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2016)



Police officials have stated that a group 3 individuals stealing car were detained from 11police PD in Kabul city.

“ One old man along his brother –in-law and his nephew have stolen 4 Toyota corolla cars from the 11 PD Khojabughra area of Kabul city, they were arrested last night from their property where 4 cars were parked Kabul police Chief General AbdulRahman Rahimi said,”

Kabul police Chief General AbdulRahman Rahimi mentioned that the following persons have committed dozen criminal activities, and they were under the close eyes of Kabul police forces since three months.

Mr. Rahimi has stated that the following thefts were capable to steal 4 cars last night, and cars were delivered to its owners on Friday.

The owners of the cars have mentioned different stories for losing their cars.

Owner of the car Rahimullah said, “ it was 9 Pm at night that my car was stolen.”

“ I parked my car behind the house, went inside to call my parents when I got out of the house it took me 10 minutes when I came out I saw my car wasn’t in its place Khalid who received his car back said,”

The other person whose car had been stolen said this is the number plate of my car, but this car is not mine that means the robbers were using his number plates in different cars to carry on their business.

Kabul Police chief Mr. Rahimi said,” investigations are underway to find and arrest other related groups who are committing crimes.”

The following detention comes after those Kabul police forces have seized a container full of wine and vodka last week in Kabul city.

Reported by Ali Asghari


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