Kabul police arrested two men for killing a 3 year-old child

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2015)


Kabul police arrested two men who raped and brutally killed a 3 year old child last week in Kabul.

The 3 year old child was abducted last week in 8th security district of Kabul and after raping was brutally killed by a group of men.

Kabul chief of police said that 11 kidnapping cases were recorded since the beginning of the current year which shows a significant decrease compared to last year.

Abdul Rahman Rahimi, Kabul chief of police said, “Kabul police have arrested 250 over various crimes in the past two weeks in Kabul.”

Rahimi also noted that serious measures have been taken for providing the security of Eid days in Kabul.


Reported by Hamid Sidiqi

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