Kabul police accused of selling drugs

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2014)


The Counter Narcotics ministry accused the Kabul Police of involving in the sale of drugs to addicts.
Deputy Finance of Minister of Counter Narcotics, Ibrahim Azhar noted that at least 300 kilogram heroin are sold to addicts daily which is impossible without police interference.
The increase of drug addiction has created serious concern among the Afghan officials.
Meanwhile, the Afghanistan ministry of interior affairs is said to consider the counter narcotic’s claim far from reality.
Afghanistan’s Ministry of Health has also expressed concern over the increase in drug addicts.
Contrary to the expectations, over last 13 years, Afghan Government has remained failed in counter- narcotics campaign and the actions taken by the government have not been identified as effective.
Over last 13 years, due to some reasons including increasingly insecurity, neighbors’ interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan, affiliation of drug traders with high government authorities, increase in addiction and making of a lot of money by drug traders, Afghan Government has failed to properly pursue counter-narcotics campaign in the country.


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