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Kabul Municipality ‘Stops’ Removing T-Walls From The City

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2017 1:18 pm)

The Kabul Municipality has stopped removing T-walls from the streets of the city.

The municipality started campaign for the for removal of T-walls weeks ago. Beginning with the Hamid Karzai International Airport Road, several parts of downtown Kabul were cleared of the concrete walls. The process was scheduled to continue for a three-month period. During that time, T-walls were expected to be cleared from 173 sites and roads throughout Kabul. 

However, the municipality said that due to lack of vehicles, T-wall removal has been stopped.

“We do not have enough vehicles to remove the barriers from Kabul City, we need more facilities, therefore we have suggested a plan to the Presidential Palace to allocate advanced and rental vehicles in regard,” said Kabul Municipality Spokesman, Abdul Jalil Sultani.

However, a number of residents said that the removal process was halted because of political considerations.

“The problem is convincing government officials,” Kabul resident Mahdi Shair said.

“Powerful figures do not want removal of the barriers from their sites and these barriers have caused many problems to the people,” another resident, Abdul Raouf said.  

Since the start of the campaign, 16 sites have been cleared of T-walls across the city; however, the municipally said that it will restart the process with a new plan that includes the usage of advanced vehicles.  

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