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Kabul Municipality So Far Removed Nearly 500 T-Walls From Kabul City

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2017)

The Kabul Municipality has removed nearly 500 Tall-Walls from the capital, Kabul city so far.

The financial unit of Kabul Municipality said the process of removing barricades will restart after Eid days and eight points at Kabul city have been cleared of barricades up to now.

“Nearly, eight points at Kabul city have been cleared of tall protector walls, we seized them and transferred them that includes Kabul Garrison, Garjistan university, Wardak and Kakar former houses,” said Shoayb Rahim, financial deputy of Kabul Municipality.

Kabul residents welcomed the process of removing barricades, but demand the process must be apply equally to everyone.

“The removal of these barricades will open all ways and reduces the traffic jams,” said one of the Kabul inhabitants.

Kabul Municipality says this process will continue up to three months and nearly 173 points of the Kabul city will be cleared of these walls.

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