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Kabul Irregularities has weakened the Urban Culture: Residents Complain

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2015)


The presence of a huge number of people in Kabul City has weakened the urban culture, residents complain.

Kabul residents worry about environmental challenges in Kabul caused pollutions and irregularities.

Usually if you walk in Kabul pave ways you will see people walking in the roads and causes pollutions and traffic jams in the town.

Sometimes accidents happen which causes verbal or even physical quarrels between people or even takes the people to the hospitals.

Sayed Zakee, who is living in Kabul said,” Now people are used to use the roads instead of pave ways, therefore usually cases accidents”.

Jalal Norani who is a writer and a resident of Kabul answers why people misuse the roads saying,” a great number of people terribly has resided in a very limited space in Kabul which has caused abnormalities, you can see wheel horses, cars, people and even animals walking in Kabul roads, on the other hand you rarely see people using pave ways”.

Problems do not only go to the people walking on the streets in the town, but it is the urban mismanagement and weakness of the Kabul municipality too.

Now people are accustomed walking on the streets and it has even changed to a culture and the people rarely care about this issue.

Reported by: Waheed Nawisa

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