Kabul Green City Draft Plan Approved: Presidential Palace

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2017)

The Presidential Palace says the Green City draft plan for central parts of the Kabul city, worth 2 billion AFN has been approved.

“Green security area is very vital and important. It has its problems at first, but we have find solutions for the problems of residents,” said Najib Danish, acting spokesman of the Ministry of Interior.

After repeated explosions in the capital, the government prepared plans for the better security of Kabul inhabitants which the Green City is one of them.

“The government creates problems for people. This is not a possible way for providing the security of the capital,” said Fawad Sediqi, member of Kabul Provincial Council.

Afghan Parliament Members also say the government should prepare fundamental solutions for making a better security situation in Kabul.

According to the reports, the diplomatic centers of the foreign countries have mentioned to leave Kabul because of insecurity; But Presidential Palace refuses to say that the President’s six-months promise for providing full security of Kabul relates to the Green City draft plan or not?

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