Kabul Garrison Member Killed by Massoud Celebrators

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2019)

A Kabul Garrison was shot dead by mourners of the Afghan National Hero, Ahmad Shah Massoud in PD4 of the city on Monday, the Defense Ministry said.

Rohullah Ahmadzai, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry said that the soldier was killed in Traffic Square of the city.

It comes as every year on Sunbola 18th, Afghanistan Calendar, dozens of Massoud supporters drove through the streets of Kabul city for hours, in convoys and shooting indiscriminately into the air to commemorate the martyrdom of Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Ahmad Shah Massoud led resistance to the Soviet occupation in the 1980s and to the 1996-2001 Taliban regime and was martyred two days before the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington that precipitated the US-led invasion of Afghanistan.

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