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Kabul Garrison Asks Aryana Sayeed to Change Location of Her Concert

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2017)

Kabul Garrison Command says it cannot hold the security for a big concert which is organized by popular Afghan woman singer, Aryana Sayeed, in the City on Saturday.

The Concert was planned to be held in Ghazi Stadium to celebrate Afghanistan’s Independence Day

Maj General Afzal Aman, the head of Kabul Garrison said that we have asked the organizers of the concert to change its location due to security threats.

“We are not preventing the concerts, unfortunately as you know the enemies are planning suicide and bombing attacks,” Aman added.

Tickets for Sayeed’s concert have already sold out and her fans are waiting for the performance.

Sayeed has told the concert will proceed, regardless of the consequences. She has promised that it would be a charity concert for Mirzaolang victims’ families.

Earlier, there was a lot of objections and criticism by conservatives over a women singing in public.

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