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Kabul Garrison Admits Having Previous Info About Funeral Attack

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2017)

Kabul Garrison said it had previous information about the funeral attack but the existence of large numbers of armed guards left nowhere for security forces.

“After Wednesday’s protest we had information and informed the security commander. They also had their plans and went there and surrounded the area, but inside there were no place for them due to the large numbers of armed guards,” said Gul Nabi Ahmad Zai, Kabul Garrison commander.

Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) also said the rushes and crowd caused the suicide attacker reach among the worshipers.

“We had our measures and formed various protective checkpoints, but the attackers used the crowds and entered to the area,” said Najib Danish, acting spokesman of MoI.

Meanwhile, Kabul Garrison noted the independently moves the major cause of insecurity in the country.

“Unfortunately, the independently moves have caused the increase of insecurity and problems,” Ahmad Zai added.

At least seven people have been killed and more than hundreds wounded in three separate explosions at the funeral of Parliament’s first deputy speaker’s son in Kabul who died during a protest on Friday.

The Taliban denied involvement in the funeral attack.

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