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Kabul Bank Debtor Ferozi Invested a Residential Town in Kabul

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2015)



A number of economy experts have believed that giving permission for a criminal and looter to invest in the country a big mistake.

They have urged that Kabul Bank major debtors activities are illegal and beyond the law in the country.

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Finance has said since Kabul Bank was forced to go in Bankruptcy, it has paid 64 $ million its deficiency.

Former Mp Razadan Bashardost said,” no criminals are allowed to do investments in other countries, now there is no guarantee that Ferozi will not do the same thing as he did to Kabul bank.”

Mp Sayed Nadirsha Bahar said,”it’s a big mistake to give the second chance for that criminal who have looted Nation’s money in Kabul Bank.”

Head of the Treasury of Ministry of Finance Mohammad Aqa Khoshitani said,” Ministerial council in President Karzai Government has allocated 95 $ million for the deficiency of Kabul bank but the following bank has paid 64 $ million for the loss.”

There are questions remained to be asked,who has ordered Khalilullah Ferozi to be out of the jail ? did the Government have account with him,is there any guarantee that he will not do the same thing what he did to Kabul Bank?



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