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Journalist Killed,4 Media Stations Burned by Taliban in Kunduz

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2015)


Taliban have committed inhumanity crimes while they have captured Kunduz city for some days,they have killed one Journalist working for media and burned 4 other media stations.

Nai Supporting open media in Afghanistan stated that Taliban searching Journalists house to house fearing not to disclose the reality of the war in Kunduz city about Taliban.

Gen executive of Nai Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar has demanded the human rights committee and international community to record Kunduz inhumanity crimes committed by Taliban as big crime against Humanity.

He said,” Taliban have committed crimes against humanity in Kunduz city, killing of one local journalist and burning other 4 local media radio Tv stations.”

Meanwhile Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has expressed deep concerns over the life of other local journalists in Kunduz while they are being sought by Taliban house-house.

Unfortunately Taliban isn’t committed on Islam regulations,they are seeking local journalists not to report the reality of the war in Kunduz city,therefore dozens of journalists have flown from Kunduz to Kabul city head of the Nai Khalvatgar added.

Military operations have launched by the Afghan security forces to clear the Kunduz city out of Taliban militants we wait and see how long the following operations will take to clear the whole city and province, it has been days that operation began and major parts of Kunduz is controlled by Afghan security forces.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee



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