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John Kerry’s statements on Afghanistan raised MPs reactions

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2016)

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The members of Afghan Parliament have reacted with anger to US. Secretary of State John Kerry’s statements that the National Unity Government(NUG) would serve a full five-year term.

They said announcing the renewed National Unity Government by John Kerry is a direct intervention to Afghanistan’s affairs.

US secretary of state John Kerry made an unannounced visit on Saturday to Kabul, where he suggested, controversially, that Afghanistan’s coalition government could continue beyond September to avert a political crisis.

Kerry’s was intended to demonstrate support for the NUG headed by President Ashraf Ghani, victor of the disputed election of 2014 and his runner up Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

The visit coincides with a difficult moment for Afghanistan. The Afghan government has been weakened by infighting between rivals, the economy is sinking and the Taliban is stronger than at any time since they were toppled from power in late 2001.

Kerry’s comments followed the concerns of Parliament members, where most of Afghans have been pressing for a constitutional Loya Jirga, or special assembly, to decide the future of the government later this year.

A number of Parliament representatives declared that the political agreement of NUG was contrary to the constitution and most of its parts have not been implemented by government leaders.

“John Kerry’s visit to Kabul was a colonial method because the main decision makers are those who come to the country and set the fate of Afghanistan,” Abdul Latif Pedram, a member of parliament said.

The representative of Badakhshan, Nilofar Ibrahimi said, “John Kerry’s announcement for the continuation of NUG once again showed that Afghanistan has no independence in its affairs.”

However, a number of other representatives in Parliament said US secretary of state visit to Kabul had positive outcomes but the NUG government should implement the conditions of political agreement.

“Kerry’s comments had positive outcomes; like US Continued support from Afghanistan and equipping Afghan military in long-term, but NUG leaders should implement the conditions of the political agreement that are holding a Loya Jirga, reforms of electoral system and the distribution of electronic ID cards,” Zahir Sa’adat, representative of Panjsher said.

This comes as Omar Daudzai, the ex-interior minister has called for holding a Loya Jirga; calling the National Unity Government an unhealthy administration.

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