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Job Security big Challenges for Workers in Afghanistan: Murad

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2015)


 Afghan Economy Minister Abdul Satar Murad said,” about 81 percent of the workers in Afghanistan don’t have job security”.

Mr. Murad added that annually about 5000 eligible are ready to work however 26 percent of Young generations who are eligible to work are jobless.

Based on the reports United Nations Population Funds invested on Young generation, Afghanistan is having the youngest generation in the world.

Officials in United Nations Populations Fund said,” Afghanistan still have golden opportunity for having high numbers of young people to take part on working sections,based on the reports of both UNPF and Young generation department reports Afghanistan is having 63 percent young person init most of them are under the 25 ages.”

United Nation population Fund in Afghanistan Dr Annette Sachs Robertson said,” Today Afghanistan is having an opportunity to invest on its Young generation especially on Girls.”

Afghan Economy Minister Abdul Satar Murad said, “Annually 5000 new eligible are ready to take part in to working section,in short term it will be challengeable but in long term it will boost the economy of the country.”

He has added that serious measurements are underway to be adopted for the Young generation to deploy them into working section and have job security, from 7,2 million only 19 percent are having jobs security.

Insecurity has caused Young generation to leave the country for better places to shelter Minister of Work and social affairs Nasrin Oriakhail confirmed the immigration of Afghan Young generation for foreign countries, saying if there is no work and security they will continue to leave the country for other places.

According the Minister of work and social affairs a memorandum of understanding with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , United Emirates to provide jobs for those Afghans living in those countries.

Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi



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