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Job Creation Draft for Afghans to Work in Arabic Gulf Finalized: Ahmadzai

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Work and Social affairs have claimed that agreement on job creation draft for those Afghans who are willing to work in Arabic Gulf countries have been finalized, saying after the approval more 25000 Afghans can work in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile officials in chief Executive office have criticized the poor performances of officials in the following Ministry saying there is no proper policy to create work for Afghan citizens is in place.

Senior Advisor to CE Daud Asas said,” Ministry of Work and social affairs should be demolished, they are claiming that memorandum of Understanding is going to be signed but it’s not clear yet, they are there to brag.”

However officials in Ministry of work and social affairs stated 1500,00 Afghans were trained to learn more skills and to easily get jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Ministry of Work and social affairs Spokesman Abdul Fatah Ahmadzai said,” We have finalized the draft agreement of job creation and is ready to be signed which will enable 25000 Afghans to work in Saudi Arabia.”

Officials in industrial Union criticized the trainings provided by the Ministry of Work and social affairs contrary to demands of the current markets.

Deputy of Industrial Union Abdul Jabar Safi said,” The two day of training provided by the Ministry is contrary to standard, first of all they should let those learners for the Ministry of education to receive proper education then, and training process should be implemented.”

Despite of joblessness, Narcotic drugs, corruption and other issues within the society the employees cant occupy the 51,000 Governmental posts.

Reported by Aslam Hejab


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