Jihadi Leaders to Form a Group Support Current System

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2015)


Jehadi leaders Decided to form another group struggling Taliban militants in the country,saying that by forming the following group we will have the President’s supports and remarks in it.

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs have welcomed the following decision made by Jihadi leaders.

Since the insecurity intensified in the country Jihadi leaders have held several sessions on Afghanistan’s security situation supporting Afghanistan current Government.

One source who didn’t want to be named added that the purpose of forming the group is to support the current Government’s system,and against Terrorist groups in Afghanistan, there are two committees are busy working on the issue from Mujahidin side, it seems that Mujahidin is willing to have the Government support this time.

Mp Mohammad Daud Kalakani said,” the agenda of the Mujahidin session was how to support and strengthen the ANSF ranks and the Government,the object of their efforts are to ensure security and stability and stay shoulder to shoulder by Afghan security forces.”

Presidential palace has confirmed some of the visits made by both sides Jehadi leaders of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

President deputy spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashimi said,” Afghan Nation believed into one united, Unique Afghanistan,because our History indicates that those who aren’t support the system will not meet their goals.”

However Moi spokesman Sediq Sediqee demanded the Afghan Nation to support their Afghan National Security forces by all means,it will enable us to destruct Terrorism from the country.”

Ariana News reporter Nasrat Parsa has tried to get hold of the Jehadi leaders to have their views on the aspects but they postponed the points view for the future.

Reported by Nasrat Parsa

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