Jamiat Warns President Ghani to Step Down

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2019)

Some members of Jamiat-e Islami party at a gathering on Sunday warned that the continuation of President Ashraf Ghani’s government will have negative consequences.

Ahmad Wali Massoud, a senior member of the political party and a presidential candidate for the upcoming election called on President Ghani to apologize from the people and step down.

In addition, some members of the party claimed that Ghani is insisting to extend his tenure in order to engineer major electoral frauds in his favor.

“Why do you emphasize to remain in power for another five months? You couldn’t do anything for the last five years. You have no other objective except planning to commit electoral fraud and appointing your favorite individuals to specific positions,” Massoud said.

“Jamiat party believes that the legal tenure of the National Unity Government has ended and should leave the palace before it is late,” Abdul Sattar Murad, the head of Jamiat political committee said.

At the same event, Ibrahim Alokozy, another presidential candidate accused President Ghani of cheating the people for the last four years for being the world’s “second thinker”.

“The people will not be deceived anymore; therefore, step down and don’t create chaos. People don’t want you,” Alokozy said.

According to the Afghan Constitution, the legal term of Ghani’s government ended on May 22.

However, Afghanistan’s Supreme Court extended Ghani’s tenure until the re-election of a new president.

This comes a day after the Peace and Moderation electoral ticket led by Hanif Atmar warned of big protests following Eid-ul-Fitr if Ghani did not step down from power.

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