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‘Jamiat-e Islami Insejam Council’ Calls for Holding General Assembly

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2017)

Afghanistan Jamiat-e Islami Insejam Council declared its opposition against the recent decision of its party that shaped a temporary leadership and called for a general gathering of the party.

The Insejam Council branch of Jamiat Islami party says the 64-members leadership council is illegitimate and self-centered.

Member of Jamiat Islami, Abdul Karim Hashemi said, “the Jamiat Islami leadership council was shaped based on personalization and we do not accept our partnership.”

 Another member, Baz Muhammad Dalili said, “the Insejam Council does not accept the decision of Jamiat which was made without consultation.”

However, the leadership of Jamiat-e Islami asks the Insejam Council to put the criticisms aside and support the temporary leadership.

A member of leadership council of Jamiat Islami, Waqef Hakimi said, “we will hold the Jamiat Islami congress up to the next year to select the councils through elections.”

Jamiat Islami is not only one of Afghanistan’s oldest and largest political parties (and, based on a wide network of commanders, still one of its most powerful military factions), but also Ghani’s main coalition partner in the National Unity Government (NUG) that came into being after the botched 2014 presidential election and, in contrast to its name, is marred by almost constant infighting.

Now also Abdullah, who was the runner-up and Jamiat’s candidate and became the new government’s chief executive (CE), has come under intense criticism from his own camp for not delivering on the power-sharing deal included in the NUG agreement between its two formerly opposed camps.

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