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JabulSaraj Residents Want Power in their District

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2014)


A number of the residents during a rally have demanded the officials to provide electric city services in their district Jabul Saraj of Parwan Province on Saturday.

They residents have said,” the power station for Jabulsaraj dam was inaugurated by the Governor of Parwan two months ago and yet to be providing electricity for the residents within the district.”

Residents have also warned if the Government does not provide electricity we will block the Salang High way towards the traffics.

However the deputy Governor of Parwan Sha wali Shahid has not only confirmed the issue but also added due to some technical problems within the turbines the district remained dark.

The Jabulsaraj Power station is dated more than a century and has been destroyed by the civil and domestic war, and its being repaired by the Provincial Reconstruction Team PRT based in Parwan Province.

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