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Jabulsaraj cement factory renovated

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Mines and Petroleum have stated that the Jabulsaraj cement factory which has been destroyed by the internal war has been renovated and can produce 100 tons of cement in 24 hours.

They have urged that we will need to build one new cement factory to increase the capacity of production to hundred tons.

Ministry of Mines and Petroleum Deputy Abdulqudus Hamidi said,” We decide to build a new cement factory to increase the tons of production, which will create hundreds of jobs opportunities for the local residents in the area.”

The renovation of the factory cost 70 million Afghani and took months to be fully ready.

Meanwhile Governor of Parwan Mohammad Asim said,” We demand the central Government to active Gulbahar Textile factory, and power station, it will help the local residents of Parwan and as well as it boosts the economy of the country.”

Officials in cement factory have stated that we want the Government long –term supports.

Head of the Jabulsaraj cement factory Najimullah said,” We are so happy to have the factory running, there is no problem accessing good markets, but we want the long-term supports of the Government.”

Jabulsaraj cement factory was built on 1958 which continued to its production up to 1996 in the long run the following factory due to lack of electricity, and insecurity condition has been deactivated on 2004 , based on the data Afghanistan has produced 3,5 million tons of cement 2014.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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