IWA Calls for Investigation of Ex-governor of Afghanistan’s Central Bank

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2019)

A Kabul-based non-governmental organization on Monday called on the judicial organs to investigate from the governor of Afghanistan’s central bank who will step down in a month.

According to Integrity Watch Afghanistan, Khalil Sediq, the governor of central bank is supposed to report his achievements or failures before departing to the United State where he will live with his family.

“All those individuals who have failed to perform their responsibilities must be investigated based on the law,” said Sayyed Ikram Afzali, the Head of Integrity Watch Afghanistan.

The report of Mr. Sediq’s resignation emerged late on Sunday. Apparently, President Ashraf Ghani has accepted his resignation.

This comes as, during Mr. Sediq’s tenure, the Afghani currency depreciated as much as 43% against U.S. dollar.

At the same time, Saleem Toofan, an economic expert, blamed Mr. Sediq for carelessness toward the depreciation of the Afghani currency, claiming that he was rude toward private banks in Afghanistan.

Officials in the central bank of Afghanistan denied making a comment in this regard.

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