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Italian company signs Bakhsh Abaad dam contract with MoEW

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Energy and Water have signed the contract of building the Bakhsh Abaad dam located at Farah Province with an Italian company in Kabul on Wednesday with the cost of $450 million dollars which will be built incoming 18 months, the following dam will produce 27 mega watt of electricity.

Minister of Energy and Water Ali Ahmad Usmani urged National Unity Government is on the edge pushing efforts through to manage Afghanistan’s waters, from now onwards all the development projects will be implemented the soonest.

Meanwhile Farah Governor has mentioned the following dam will irrigate about 10000 acres of lands in 5 districts.

Minister of energy and Water Ali Ahmad Usmani said,” Bakhsh Abaad dam will be built by an Italian company with the cost of $450 million dollars, in 18 months, the following dam will produce 27 mega watt of electricity and has the capacity to bank 1360 million qbc of water and will water 104000 acres of lands.”

During his speech he has warned the companies who are in slow motion in implementation of the projects, their contract will be eliminated.

Governor of Farah Province Asef Nang has demanded the Afghan security forces to ensure security for the following dam.

Head of the Presidential office secretariat Abdul Salam Azimi said,” Farah residents will have close cooperation in ensuring security for the following Dam and even the enemies have stated that we have nothing to do with the dam.”

Based on the information Afghanistan is having 55 billion qbc meter of running water and 20 billion qbc of underground water, in most cases due to no clear policy and well management the following waters are being used for the favor of the neighboring countries.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri

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