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Islamic Banking System agreement signed

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2014)

BankingsOfficials in chamber of commerce and industry said,” due to lack of Islamic banks in Afghanistan about 60% of Afghan businessmen to receive loans from abroad”

They have signed an agreement with an Arabic company to expand Islamic bank systems in the country.

Officials in chamber of commerce and industry stated efforts are underway to expand the culture of Islamic banking system in Afghanistan.

Deputy of chamber of commerce and industry Khanjan Alokozai has confirmed that about 60% of the Afghan businessmen deal with other international Islamic banks for receiving loans.

Head of the Arabic company Mohammad Buliuf claimed efforts are underway to expand and develop the Islamic banking system in Afghanistan by giving insurance, building capacity on banking and exchanging of currencies.

The following training programs will last for coming 4 years and it will also cover the Governmental and none Governmental banks workers to build their capacity for expanding Islamic banking system.

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