Islamabad to provide list of Taliban willing to reconcile with Afghan Government

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2016)


Officials in Pakistan will provide a list of those Taliban who are willing to join Afghan peace talks in the future, the following agreement was made when Pakistan chief of Army Raheel Sharif had visited Afghan officials in his last trip to Kabul.

Officials in chief executive of Afghanistan said the following list will be provide for Afghan Government and to be presented on the quartet session of Afghanistan,Pakistan,China and USA which will be held in Islamabad.

The list will also determine the names, location, and date of those Taliban who are interested to join Afghanistan peace talks.

Islamabad will host the quartet session in between Afghanistan,Pakistan,China and US incoming Monday, in the session Pakistan will once again make promises under the supervisions of USA and China.

Chief executive Deputy spokesman Jawid Faisal said,” in the following quartet session the time, location, and names of those Taliban who are willing to join Afghan peace talks will be determined.”

Sources told to Ariana News that in order to begin peace talks process Pakistan and Taliban do have pre conditions to join the following process, the per condition of Taliban is to enter peace talks process from the Political Party or Emirate Islamic which wasn’t accepted by Afghan Government.

Pakistan’s per conditions are clear despite of Duran line issue Pakistan officials will want Afghanistan not to stop its waters pouring to Pakistan and will ask Afghanistan to relocate India consulate from Nangarhar and Kandahar provinces of Afghanistan.

Chief of none Governmental delegation who will join quartet session in Pakistan Ahmad Saiedi said,”we will present our demands on behalf of Afghan Nation to Pakistan, and we will also deliver Afghans message to Pakistani residents.”

The message from Afghan Nation is the war to be ended and efforts should be made to begin peace talks process.

Reported by Nasrat Parsa

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