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Islamabad, Beijing ready to become ‘guarantors’ on Afghan peace deals

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2015)


Pakistan and China are ready to become guarantors of a possible peace deal between the Afghan government and the Taliban, reports quoting Pakistani officials say.

“We are ready to go the extra mile. We are even willing to become guarantors for any peace agreement,” on the condition of anonymity because of sensitivity of the issue a senior Pakistani official has said.

The official has said Pakistan has been facilitating Afghan led and Afghan owned peace talks. “But if talks make progress and all sides agree, then Pakistan has no problem in playing its role beyond that of a facilitator”.

Pakistan recently hosted the first-ever direct talks between the Afghan government and Taliban representatives in Islamabad to put an end to over a decade of war in the war-torn country. Representatives from Pakistan, China and the United States also attended the talks as observers.

The second round of talks is expected to take place in China later this month. Afghan government is expected to demand a ceasefire and both sides will prepare a list of demands.

Reported by: M. Milad Sekandary

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