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ISIS Leader Killed in Kunar Airstrike

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2017)

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria-Khorasan (ISIS-K) Emir, Abdul Rahman has been killed in an airstrike in Kunar province, NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan confirmed in a statement on Sunday.

“The death of Abdul Rahman deals yet another blow to the senior leadership of ISIS-K,” said General John Nicholson, the senior U.S. commander in Afghanistan.

NATO statement said Abdul Rahman was killed in an airstrike on August 10 with three additional senior Daesh members in Darah-e-Pech district of Kunar.

“He found out just like those before him that there are no safe havens in Afghanistan.  We will hunt them down until they are no longer a threat to the Afghan people and the region,” according to the statement.

It said Rahman, in addition to being a provincial emir, was a primary candidate to become the Daesh emir following the death of Abu Sayed in July.

The statement further added, “The US and Afghan Forces continue to keep pressure on Daesh and disrupt their expansion plans as part of ongoing operations to defeat them in Afghanistan in 2017.”

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