ISIL Actively Recruiting in Afghanistan: Gen, Campbell

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2015)


The High-ranking Gen commander for foreign forces in Afghanistan says ISIL terrorist group has been actively recruiting militants in the past six months in war-ravaged country of Afghanistan, insisting ISIL does not have opportunity as they had in Iraq and Syria.

Gen John Campbell the International forces commander in Afghanistan said,” ISIL actively recruiting militants in Afghanistan they have yet to begin insurgency operations in Afghanistan,”

General John F. Campbell, the commander of the NATO Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan said,” ISIL is making use of a sophisticated social media campaign in order to woo local Taliban militants in ISIL ranks, saying their presence in Afghanistan has grown significantly in the past six months.”

We will not allow the following terrorist group to have presence in Afghanistan like Syria and Iraq Gen Campbell added.

Afghan experts on military affairs have declared the existence of ISIL in Afghanistan is a huge threat against the stability of the country, they have demanded necessary and serious measurements in advance.

Jawid Khohistani the Afghan expert on military affairs said,” ISIL has been seeking safe places trying not to engage fires with Afghanistan Government in the past months, and were recruiting militants in Afghanistan.”

Afghan law maker Ahmad Behzad said,” Security officials should adopt necessary security measurements in advance to avoid any armed coming up from ISIL.”

Though US commander doesn’t provide much details over the numbers of ISIL forces existed in Afghanistan,insisting that Afghan Nation do not agree about their thoughts and ideas of ISIL in Afghanistan.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee.

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