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ISAF convoy attacked in Kabul city killing 2 members

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2014)


A roadside bomb killed 2 NATO soldiers and injured another soldier including one Afghan civilian at Qabulboy area of 9th Police district early on Monday morning.

MOI Officials confirmed the incident saying, this was a roadside bomb targeting a convoy of foreigner security forces while crossing the area.

Ariana news correspondent at the area said, a number of coordinated attacks have eliminated the tranquility in this area and the residents are complaining the foreigner camps existence in the residential place causing usually the instability.

This is the fifth explosion in this area causing a lot of causalities and financial loss, and our children cannot go to schools, Jamshid a resident of Qabulboy said.

NATO released a letter confirming that two international security assistance forces service members were killed and another was injured as a result of this incident.

Kabul has witnessed a number of coordinated explosions and suicide attacks killing and injuring a large number of civilians and Afghan security forcesafter the formation of the national unity government concerning the citizens about the anti-government armed militant groups’ intensive activities.

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