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IS Make ‘Nikah’ with Underage Boys in Jawzjan: Residents Claim

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2018)

Residents claim the Islamic State (IS) militants make forceful Nikah (Islamic marriage) with young girls and underage boys in northern Jawzjan province of Afghanistan.

Abdullah, an underage boy who was from Jawzjan’s Darzab district said that IS or Daesh militants have kidnapped and held him at their main stronghold to sexually harass him.

He said, there were about 50 children who were being used as sex slaves by Daesh leaders.

Some of the displaced residents of Darzab district also said that children aged between 6-18 years were sexually abused by Daesh after being transferred to their military centers.

“They were dropping water and lashing the boys for 20 to 30 days, some of the boys were scaring and accepting Nikah with them,” said Oghul, a displaced woman from Darzab district.

“It is true, they have made nikkah with boys and they have made Nikah with my daughter. They have committed a cruelty which is not even described in law,” another resident of Jawjan Abdul Wahid said.

Abdul Hafiz Khashi, a security official of the provincial police headquarter said that they have not received any official complaint in this regard yet. But he confirmed that Daesh has committed major crimes in Darzab and Qushteba districts.

Nematullah, the deputy head of IS in the north of Afghanistan, however, rejected the claims. He said the people and media are making false allegations against Daesh.  

“This is totally false and conspiracies. If someone who is in enmity with another person, he will surely make allegations against him. This is actually baseless, nobody was sexually assaulted there,” he said.

This comes as residents of Darzab and Qushteba districts of Jawzjan province urged the government to punish the 250 IS fighters who have recently surrendered to the Afghan security forces.

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