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IS Group Still ‘Serious Threat’ to Afghanistan: US Department of Defense

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2016)

dod-_23_11_2016_pashtoo-sot-mpg_snapshot_00-20_2016-11-23_18-01-48The Islamic State (IS) group poses a serious threat against the Afghan people and Afghanistan, US Department of Defense said.

Spokesman of US secretary of defense, Peter Cook has deeply concerned over the recent bloody incidents in Afghanistan; citing one of their main plan is to fight against Daesh group.

“Obviously, we’re very concerned about any reports of violence in Afghanistan, whether it’s from Taliban or ISIL in Afghanistan; and concern obviously for the Afghan people in light of this attack.  I know that we’ve worked very closely with the Afghan government to look at the threat that ISIL poses in Afghanistan.  We’ve taken significant steps in Afghanistan under the leadership of General Nicholson to address the ISIL threat and made significant progress working alongside Afghan forces with regard to that.” Peter Cook said.

Peter Cook has also noted about Washington’s readiness for supporting Afghan forces.

“Although it’s been a difficult fighting season, Afghan forces have been able in a resilient fashion to hold onto district centers, for example.  They’ve also been taking the fight to the Taliban, and I think this is a reflection of the kind of capabilities that the Afghan security forces now have in which they’re leaning forward and taking the fight to — they’re leading the effort to secure their own country.  I think General Nicholson and the — everyone at Resolute Support is supportive of what the Afghans are doing and we’ll continue to support that effort,” Cook said.

This comes as Pentagon confirmed the Al-Qaeda leader killed in US strikes in Syria which is another blow to the Al-Qaeda group.

“He had ties to terrorist groups operating throughout Southwest Asia, including groups responsible for attacking U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan and those plotting to attack the West,” Cook added, noting that al-Masri’s removal from the battlefield is another blow to al-Qaida in Syria.

The successful airstrike “demonstrates continued U.S. determination to target al-Qaida leaders wherever they pose a threat to the U.S., our allies and interests,” Cook said.

Al-Masri was an Egyptian who joined al-Qaida in Afghanistan and later moved to its Syrian affiliate.


Reported By Nazira Karimi from Washington D.C

Edited by Zack Arya

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