Islamic State Group Threatens to Attack Russia 2018 World Cup with Releasing Messi Picture

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2017)

The Islamic State (IS) group has threatened to attack the 2018 World Cup in Russia via its affiliated media network with releasing the picture of one of the most famous faces of the sport and the Argentinian Barcelona star, “Lionel Messi”.

Employing a picture of Messi behind bars and in a prisoner suit with blood running down from his left eye, the group vowed to attack the upcoming tournament in Russia.

In the poster, the terrorist group calls themselves a “state” and claim to be somehow invincible, despite the fact that a couple of days ago they were struck right in their bastion.

Islamic State terrorists want to seize nuclear materials to strike terror in the West and have already launched many chemical attacks in Iraq and Syria.

The group attacked rebels and government forces in Iraq and Syria and militants linked to both the Paris and Brussels attacks are thought to have studied a Belgian nuclear power plant.

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