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IS Burns alive Jordan Pilot, after No Swap Made

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2015)

تصویر اتش زدن

Islamic State (IS ) has burnt alive Jordanian pilot and published its video on the internet on Tuesday.

Islamic State militants had demanded the release of the Women, Sajida al-Rixhawi in exchange for Japanese hostage who was later beheaded by the IS militants.

The video indicates that Jordanian detainee pilot Named Muath al-Kasaesbeh being burnt alive trapped in a cage.

Reuters News Agency has confirmed that ISIS has published the executed video of Mauth al but and yet to be sure if this video is true still Jordanian media and Government have confirmed that video belongs to their country man Kasaesbeh.

Meanwhile Jordan Governmental officials have told to Mauth al family members that their son has lost his life after severe tortures and sentences being forced by the ISIS armed gun men during his detainee periods.

The following brutal action of ISIS has exaggerated another vision for Muslims and none Muslims that Islam religion is full of brutality.

IS brutal action comes after that Jordan Government has hanged two Iraqis on Wednesday, including a female militant; few hours after ISIS released a video appearing to display a captured Jordanian pilot being burnt alive.

President Obama said,” that if this video was real”it would be” one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity being launched by Islamic State militants.

All remarks come after that Afghanistan Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah has condemned the ISIS brutal action and declared it inhumane, saying Islam religion is full of sympathy, love, humanity, equality and freedom.

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