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Irresponsible Armed Individuals Will Be Arrested Across the Country – MoI

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

Senior Deputy Interior Minister for Security Affairs who is part of a dispatched government delegation in northern Faryab province on Monday warned that irresponsible armed individuals will be arrested with no “differentiation” across the country.

Following the protest which has entered seventh day over the arrest of Nizamuddin Qaisari, a prominent militia commander and a close aide to first vice president Gen. Dostum, the security officials paid a visit to Faryab to assess and ease the situation in the province.

Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimi, Senior Deputy Interior Minister for Security affairs said that irresponsible armed individuals were responsible for rapping people and controlling the security of highways.

He said the government has the responsibility to control the situation and arrest irresponsible armed individuals who have taken control of “the country”.

“They will be arrested wherever they are and will be referred to judiciary institutions,” Ibrahimi said.

Qaisari, was arrested after a violent dispute during a meeting with leaders of government security forces, last week, drawing angry protests from Dostum’s supporters, mainly in Faryab province.

However, it has been seven days since the arrest of Qaisari and the situation in Maimana City seems turning back to normal.

“We have taken our initial actions to address the issues and maintain the security of Maimana,” said Sharif Yaftali, Chief of Army Staff.

 “We have been failed to maintain the security and it paved way for emerge of irresponsible armed individuals,” said Abdul Matin Bek, Head of Independent Directorate of Local Governance.

This comes as a close figure to General Dostum told Ariana News that Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish is expected to meet the First Vice President in Turkey and discuss the issues related to the arrest of Nizamuddin Qaisari.

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