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Iran Ready To Invest In Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2015)

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Iran is ready to invest in different sectors in Afghanistan, Iranian investors said on Monday.

Iranian investors say that Iran’s export statistics to Afghanistan are more than any other countries.

Foreign investments role in Afghanistan has always been discussed but insecurity has been the major challenge against this process.

Iran is one of the most important donors to Afghanistan, which has kept its promises to help the reconstruction of the war-ravaged country. Iran has built roads, power transmission lines, border stations and other infrastructure projects.

Officials in The Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) noted that In an attempt to boost foreign trade, Afghanistan needs to expand trade relations with the neighboring country and Iran’s role is valuable in investing in Afghanistan.

Iran Chamber of Commerce has also vowed that Iran’s exports and investments will increase in Afghanistan.

According to presented statistics, Iranian goods imports to Afghanistan reach to more than $ 2 billion annually which have been said that in contrast, Afghanistan’s export to Iran is in a low level.

Previously, President Ashraf Ghani in his visit to Iran urged Iran’s private sector to invest in Afghanistan.

During his recent visit to Tehran, Afghan and Iranian presidents stressed on their will for starting a new chapter in relations between the two countries and stepping up cooperation to deal with challenges common for both countries.
The National Unity Government’s efforts to improve relations with neighboring Iran is coming as a follow-up to former president Hamid Karzai’s visit to Tehran in 2013.

The two leaders agreed on enhanced efforts by the two countries to tackle the compounding security threats posed by terrorism as well as drug production and trafficking.

The two countries have also signed agreements of cooperation in other areas such as refugees and economic ties between the two countries.






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