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Iran Never Interested to Support Taliban: Official

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2017)


The caretaker of Iran’s Interest Section in Washington has called Taliban’s actions in Afghanistan as a hostile movement, adding Iran never interested to support the Taliban.

“There were a lot of rumors once a time about Iran supporting al-Qaeda and Taliban, but in fact Iran’s policy is based on contacts with the government of Afghanistan, because Taliban has no legitimacy for Iran,” Mehdi Atefat, caretaker of Iran’s Interest Section in Washington, DC told Ariana News.

On December last year, the Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mohammad Reza Behrami during an interview with Ariana News admitted that Iran has contacts with the Taliban for “control and intelligence” purposes.

The contradictory remarks by Iranian officials come as recently Afghan local officials have accused Iran for providing equipment and training facilities for the group’s militants in western provinces of Afghanistan.

Reported by: Nazira Azim Karimi

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