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Investing on children’s health means building Afghanistan’s future: Abdullah

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2015)

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Afghanistan chief executive Abdullah Abdullah has stated that investing on health children meaning building the future of Afghanistan, once again he has promised to provide suitable environment for building of health care centers for Afghanistan’s children.

Atta Turk 200 bed hospital has been renovated with cost of 2 $ billion in the capital city of Kabul,where most of the officials from the National united Government have participated.

Afghanistan National United Government chief executive Abdullah Abdullah has said,” investing on health of children meaning building the Afghanistan’s future, as I had promised, I will discuss this issue in Afghanistan’s Ministerial weekly session to find best solutions for changing the current condition of the health centers in the capital and the provinces of the country.”

Meanwhile responsible for TIKA Ngo Suliaman Shaheen said,” we have been friends, and we will remain friends with Afghanistan’s Nation and to provide better services on health sector.”

However Minister of public health Feroziddin Feroz said,” Turkey Government treats 250 patients annually whose diseases aren’t curable in Afghanistan.”

The following efforts come after that lack of health professionals in health care centers has been questioned thousand times, in worst case scenario dozens of our citizens lose their life, some who can afford take their patients to abroad.

Reported by Maroufa Zaki

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