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Investigators for Kunduz Fall to Share its Final Report

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2015)


Afghan Delegation investigating Kunduz’s fall have stated that we have found no documents revealing that Kunduz fall was a plot, but dozens of institutions were accused for doing neglects during on their duties in Kunduz province.

The assigned delegation for Kunduz has promised to share all their findings without any censorship for the Nation in coming week.

In the initial report containing 189 pages which was submitted to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah no one were accused.

A member of Afghan delegation assigned for Kunduz to launch an investigation Mohammad Naim Rafiqi said,” no name was mentioned in the following report, but some of the institutions came under the pressures.”

Senator Mohammad Faisal Sami said,” I think the report which was delivered to Presidential palace will be forgotten as other reports were.”

Part of the Ariana News report which documented the investigation process of the Afghan delegation assigned for Kunduz fall indicating that members of the investigative committee aren’t satisfied with the performances of the local officials in Kunduz which caused the city to be controlled by Taliban for three days.

A question remains what will be the measurements of the President over the neglects of those local officials in Kunduz province?

Reported by Nasrat Parsa

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