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Investigation Process Continues On Farkhuda’s case in GAO

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2015)


Officials at Attorney general Office have said,” Farkhunda’s case is under the process and investigation, saying 49 persons were detained related to the case where 20 police forces and 19 civilians are involved.”

Efforts are under way to find other involved criminals on her case and we as the officials in Attorney General Office demand the sentence of those criminals.


General Attorney spokesman Baseer Azizi said,” investigations are under process to complete Farkhunda’s case, we appreciate Afghanistan security departments for close cooperation and coordination on her case they have been capable to arrest two more criminals related to the case, that means there 20 police forces and 19 civilians are involved related to Farkhunda’s case.”

He also added that no neglects will be made on her case 18 prosecutors pursuing her case, we as the officials in Attorney general Office try our best to have a clear follow up and let the Nation on the right page of the information on Farkhunda’s case, case will be completed once and to be sent it to supreme court.

All Afghans waiting to see the criminals to face the music,they also hope to hear a good decision on her case to be made by the officials in Supreme court.

Reported By Rafi Sediqee

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