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International Day of Right to Know Observes in Kabul

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2014)


Officials in Transparency Watch for Afghanistan TWA institution have wanted Afghan Government to sign the law for accessing information; the following demand was made in a Day called (Day of right to know).

Officials in the following institutions have claimed that the law for accessing information has been sent to the parliament since 2010 and it was approved by the High National Assembly in this year.

The Transparency watch for Afghanistan has held the International Day of right to know on Sunday and declared that having the law approved is vital to combat corruption and expand good Governance in the country.

Executive Head of Transparency Watch for Afghanistan Ikram Afzali said,”having access the law to information is the rights of every single person in the territory and it will also pave the way for media family members to do their jobs properly.”

The International Day of rights to know has been observed annually since 2002 the freedom of information organizations have gathered around the world in Bulgaria for establishing of advocacy network for information.


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