International Community Not Committed to Afghanistan in Fight Against Terrorism: Analysts

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2017)

vlcsnap-2017-02-19-15h50m28s248The International Community, particularly the United States are not committed to Afghanistan in fight against terrorism and providing stability in the country, a number Afghan analysts said.

Pointing at the Munich conference, the Afghan analysts said that the International Community has never targeted terrorist safe havens in Pakistan and has also not pressed Pakistan to wipe them out from its soil.

“The International Community has never wanted Afghanistan to have stability. Terrorist safe havens should have been eliminated in Pakistan, if the International Community had honest commitments to Afghanistan. The International Community has not had any basic work for the security of Afghanistan in the past 16 years,” said Atiqullah Amar Khail, political analyst.

In the meantime, the Afghan analysts emphasized that if the International Community would not fulfill commitments to Afghanistan and do not take practical steps in providing stability in the country, it would be very difficult that Afghanistan experience a relative security.

“If the International Community honestly stands beside Afghanistan and take practical steps for the current challenges, Afghanistan would rescue from conflicts; otherwise terrorist activities would expand day by day,” said Muhammad Nader Afghan, political analyst.

This comes as President Ghani has previously called Pakistan the main supporter of terrorism in WARSAW summit and urged the world to eradicate terrorism in Pakistan.

Reported by Rafi Sidiqi

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