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International Cancer Day Remembered in Kabul

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2015)


International and National Health providers, Governmental officials have remembered International cancer day under the title of (curing and treatment of cancers isn’t impossible) in Kabul in gathering held on Wednesday in Kabul.

Afghanistan First lady Miss Rollah Ghani who has attended the gathering declared the health condition of those ill persons tangling with cancers critical in the country.

She said,” most of the people lose their live due to no health care centers or pay huge amount of money to take care of them in abroad.”

She insisted that health care providers should adopt necessary measurements to care of the persons with cancers diseases.

Afghan first lady Ghani said,” unfortunately there are few number of health care centers treating cancer diseases which make most of our people to take their love once to abroad for further treatments, the current situation isn’t acceptable and it should change.”

New Health public Minister Feruzuddin Feruz has said,” I promise to pursue the National plan controlling cancer diseases and pave the ways to find better plat form for identifying and further treatments of such disease in the country.”

Head of World Health Organization WHO Richard Peppercorn said,” improving of health controlling system for cancers, providing services for cancers, decreasing risks, capacity building of health care providers, and paving the ways for better education about cancers are the priority programs for both Afghan health providers and WHO.”

Based on the estimation of WHO annually 20 thousand Afghans get plugged with such disease and among those only 4000 save their life.


Reported by Abdulaziz Karimi

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