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Internal Disputes of Both Leaders Encourages IS, Taliban to Expand Activities

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2015)


Internal political disagreements in between the two National Unity Government has caused the IS and Taliban to have more influences in the country.

A number of the Mps have expressed their concerns over the insecurity demanding the Government to introduce the Afghanistan defense Minister Nominee to the parliament.

Mp Babor Farhmand said,” way of approaching the insurgents at Balkh Province has been none Professional, their bullets has killed several trapped persons in the Prosecutor office of Balkh.”


The other lawmaker Naqeebullah Faiq said,” fighting continues in several districts of Faryab province, so many districts are to be controlled by the insurgents, Afghan security forces will be run out of ammunition.”

However other representatives in the house Ghulam Hussien Nasiri said,” the internal political disagreement have caused the IS and Taliban to have more influences in the country.”


MoI spokesman Sideq Sideqee has rejected none professional behavior of police forces towards the insurgents in Balkh attack.

Local officials have claimed that Anti Government insurgents have blocked off the ways of Naray and Ghazi abad to center of the city and Kamdish to Barg-i-Matal to Nuristan by throwing stones, they have mentioned Taliban have surrounded Nawpas area which is located to Sarkano district of Konar Province.

Konar security chief Abdul Habib SayedKhili said ,” we have not be capable to support our forces and send some supplies since two months by now efforts are underway to open the roads to that district.”

Afghan military experts related the recent insecurity to acting Governors positions and no Defense Minister on the lead.

The following issue comes after that in the recent armed attacks carried out by the insurgents in different parts of the country hundreds of Afghans including military and civilians lost their life.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh


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