Internal Disagreement (s) More Dangerous Comparing to Corruption: Ulomi

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2015)


Afghan Minister Noorulhaq Ulomi while giving speeches on the occasion of International Women’s Day has warned that internal disagreement is more dangerous comparing to corruption and fight Taliban.

He added that the following issue will encourage people to join insurgent’s ranks, part of the existed insecurity in the country comes from the following challenge.

MoI Minister Mr. Ulomi said,” Insurgents use the opportunity or disagreement exists among Afghan National security forces”

He mentioned that the current insecurity has posed the life of the Afghans in to serious challenges most part of the challenges come from some of the disagreements existed among police forces.

He also urged that soon we will end some of the lacks and mismanagements existed within the police forces.

His speeches come after that Kabul city has been witnessing one armed attack and one explosion within 24 hours.

Reported by Hamid Sediqee

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