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Intense possibility of Pul-e Khomri collapse if Govt. not take any action

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2016)


Afghan Senators have voiced concern and warned that the upcoming spring and summer will be bloody seasons for the north-eastern parts of the country.

They say that there is a strong possibility of the fall of Pul-e Khomri into Taliban’s hands if the government does not take serious actions.

The armed Taliban group has reached to less than eight kilometers of the Baghlan’s governor office and police headquarters.

While Pul-e Khomri’s situation deteriorated that Baghlan currently does not have police commanders.

The representatives of Baghlan province in Senate House and Parliament refrain from commenting on the status of the province but others in National Assembly warned of Pul-e Khomri to collapse.

“If the current situation in Baghlan remain lasting, there is the possibility that Pul-e Khomri collapse. Serious measures should be taken by the government and the security forces.

In the meantime, the ministry of interior affairs assure the people that the Dan-e Ghori district will soon be under government’s control.

The taking of Kunduz City by the Taliban over the period from 28 September to 13 October 2015 and the deterioration of security across the north constituted a major setback for the Government.

Baghlan is a mountainous province that lies at the heart of northern Afghanistan and, like much of the country, it is now sinking deeper into bloodshed.

What makes the situation here particularly worrying is the impact it could have on the future direction of the war.

The security situation of Baghlan has remained sensitive for a while and shows the instability in the province.

Over the last two months, the Taliban have conducted several attacks and have gained control over parts of Dande Ghori area.

They have shot more than ten missiles inside the city that left several injured, including women and children.

The Afghan government had hoped that the insurgency would be weakened by Taliban infighting over who should succeed their spiritual leader Mullah Mohammed Omar.




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