Insider Attacks Persist in Afghan Military despite ‘Strict’ Measures

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2018)

Recently, four intelligence operatives have reportedly gunned down their 16 colleagues before fleeing to join the Taliban insurgency in the southern Helmand province.

The insider attack has occurred in a facility linked to the National Directorate of Security (NDS) in Yakhchal area of the Gerishk district. 

Najib Danish, the Interior Ministry Spokesman on Monday confirmed the incident, but saying that the level of insider attacks have been decreased in Afghan military.  He stressed they have taken strict measures by “comprehensively” investigating the background of each and every individual in the recruitment process.   

 “Every person who gets into the Defense Ministry is being passed through biometric system, and being checked by a doctor and intelligence & detective authorities,” said the Defense Ministry Spokesman Dawlat Waziri.

Insider attacks have been a major concern for the Afghan security forces in recent years as Taliban infiltrators in Afghan army and police forces routinely carry out insider attacks, particularly in restive provinces.    

Omar Zwak, Helmand government Spokesman said that they have ordered the security personnel to stop the visitors being entered the checkpoints as “guests”.

Political commentators, however, believe poor leadership in the security institutions has paved the way for influence of armed oppositions.

“We have not been able to accurately regulate the recruitment process, and it’s one of the major issues,” said Miagul Khalid, a political analyst.  

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