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Insider Attack Kills 8 Policemen in Faryab

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2017)

insiderEight policemen were killed on Thursday night in an insider attack in northern Faryab province of Afghanistan.

The incident took place at a security checkpoint in Almar district of the province.

Provincial police spokesman, Abdul Karim Yourish told Ariana News that last night a Taliban infiltrator gunned down eight colleagues including four policemen and four public upraising forces.

The attacker identified as Lal Mohammad who has joined with the Taliban militants after opening fire on colleagues. He has also stolen the weapons and ammunitions of the policemen before joining the Taliban.

According to Yourish, the inflitrator was a Taliban fighter for one year before joining to the Afghan police.

All victims in the checkpoint including the attacker were members of the same family, police added.

Officials said a delegation has travelled to the site of the incident to investigate the attack.

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