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Insecurity seriously threats Boosting Economy and Investments: Upper House

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2014)

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Acting Minister of mine and petroleum Akbar Barakzai has declared the insecurity has seriously threatened boosting economy and investments and provide right plat form some of the opportunists to excavate mines illegally in the country, he told to senators in the upper house of the parliament on Sunday.

He was summoned by the senators in the upper house of the parliament for illegal exploiting, looting of the mines by illegal excavators and signing of some of the contracts under the supervision of Ministry of Mine and petroleum.

Mr. Barakzai has also said, “Despite of having the law for mine and petroleum approved, still we need to ensure security for boosting economy and to draw more attentions for investments in the National and International level for our country.”

Officials in Ministry of mine and petroleum have expressed their second concern on looting the mines across the country by the powerful figures and local influencers.

Acting Minister of mine and petroleum Barakzai stated that after the law for mining and petroleum has been approved by both houses of the parliament, it paves the right path for more international and National investors to invest and boost the economy of the country on mining sectors.

He also claimed that I have provided much information about those power full figures that are illegally extracting of the mines across the country for the Afghan security departments to stop their illegal activities as soon as possible.




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